Lifeline Fire Protection conducts monthly and annual inspections, testing & maintenance of a complete range of fire protection systems & equipment for residential, commercial & industrial properties. We provide detailed reports & communicate any repairs or upgrades that may be needed to ensure optimal performance at all times.


Modern fire protection systems are combinations of electronic and mechanical systems made up of various components and parts with a very long lifespan, requiring minimum amount of maintenance. However, these systems do require periodic adjustments, testing and maintenance to safeguard against deterioration or possible breakdown


External factors or aging of components can cause deficiencies like leaks, erosion, wiring faults, unstable pressure, etc. Such problems require immediate attention and correction in order to ensure your fire protection system’s proper functioning.


To ensure components of your fire protection system are always in proper working condition, provincial and municipal governments, as well as many insurance companies mandate a series of inspections, to be performed on a regular basis.


Our team of certified technicians has the necessary expertise to provide rigorous inspections and maintenance in accordance with all current standards and regulations - NFPA, ULC, and the National Building Code of Canada. Inspections required for your home or business may be annual, semi annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly inspections of:


  • sprinkler Systems

  • fire pumps

  • standpipe and hose systems

  • fire hydrants

  • kitchen hoods

  • alarm systems

We conduct inspections for any size commercial or residential systems, always with the same level of care and precision.  

See the link below for excerpts from the Ontario Fire Code regarding guidelines for fire safety planning and maintenance schedules.

Fire Safety Guidelines  (pdf opens in a new tab)

residential fire protection Toronto


Protecting the lives of your tenants & colleagues.

industrial fire protection Toronto


We conduct inspections for any size property.

schools fire protection Toronto


Students & facility are our #1 priority when it comes to safety.  

historical buildings fire protection Toronto


We have the expertise to install & maintain systems for specialty properties.

parking garage fire protection Toronto


Installations or retrofits for any size garage.


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fire, protection, systems, toronto, sprinkler, installation, inspection, safety, extinguisher, pump